Calling all ministry ‘veterans’!  Do you remember doing ministry before email arrived on the scene? Was there a time when you connected with people face-to-face instead of “Facebooking” them?

Life has changed greatly in the last 10 years—and so has ministry. Putting off the move to online media is no longer an option for those who lead volunteers.

Today’s technologies can make ministry more effective. It allows us to connect with a generation that grew up on tweets, hashtags, and texting.  Take this assessment to see how you’re integrating technology with ministry.

Rate your answers:  3 – Consistently true;  2 – Sometimes true;  1 – Rarely true;  0 – Not at all.

___1. I have tweeted in the last week

___2. I post to my blog at least once a month

___3. I look on Pinterest to get ideas before I shop

___4. I did most of my Christmas shopping online

___5. My Facebook account is updated with posts at least 2-3 times a week

___6. Donations to my church can be made online

___7. I have posted a “Selfie” in the last 6 months.

___8. I’m familiar with SnapChat and have used this application

___9. I have an Instagram app on my phone

___10. I regularly conduct virtual ministry meetings in applications such as Google Groups and Wiggio


20-30    Tech nerd alert! You are fully integrated in the methods of today’s technologies.

10-20    Getting started. You understand the basics of online tools and social media but they’re not fully integrated into your ministry or lifestyle.

0-10      Dinosaur zone. You and your ministry need to understand and embrace tools that will make your ministry more effective.

If you’re just getting started with online tools, or feel like you’re still in the dinosaur zone, there is hope. Join us for eConnect, January 29-31, in Loveland, Colorado. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to help you and your ministry thrive in a digital world. You might even find yourself tweeting about this event on your way back home!

For more information about eConnect, and to register, CLICK HERE.