Top Three Ways to Retain Volunteers…

Did you know that, according to a study by the Urban Institute, there are only three volunteer leadership practices that actually help retain volunteers? Not surprisingly, volunteer appreciation is one of those. The other two are placing volunteers according to their gifts/abilities and providing training.
At Group, we understand the importance of having reliable volunteers serving in ministry. That’s why we have three unique resources to help you with these top three volunteer leadership practices. As you prepare for fall, look to Group for help with retaining one of your most important assets—your volunteers!

1. Spiritual Gifts

When there’s a volunteer role to fill, we most commonly hear that churches put out the “all call” for anyone who has time to help. Sometimes it’s all they can do to just get a warm body in place. But there’s a better and easier way. Spiritual Gifts Discovery helps your church know the gifts in your congregation so you can purposefully and personally invite people into volunteer roles that best fit their own unique gifting. When a volunteer feels their talents and abilities are being used, they feel fulfilled and they’re more likely to stay and serve in other ways, too!

2. Volunteer Training

When it comes to training volunteers, we hear churches say training is important but that it’s difficult to find a time when everyone can attend training. As a result, most volunteers don’t get the training they need or it’s inconsistent. That’s why we developed Good to Go. With Good to Go, you get expert training in short snippets that you can assign to your volunteers to watch on their own time. Your volunteers receive consistent, quality training that prepares them for their ministry role so they can make a maximum impact on the people they serve. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You, the volunteer, and the people your volunteers serve.

3. Volunteer Appreciation

Everyone desires to be recognized and know they’re appreciated. It’s so important to keep your volunteers informed and show them how their service is affecting your ministry.

spiritual gifts discovery

Spiritual Gifts Discovery

God made us each special and unique and gave us gifts that we can share. Open up the possibilities at your church with Spiritual Gifts Discovery. This online tool provides convenient online testing and tracking to guide your church in understanding their unique gifting. Volunteers who know where they are best used to serve will stay longer, be more committed, and share God’s love.

Start sharing gifts at your church today!

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good to go video training

Get help to make your volunteer training the best it can be.

Good to Go gives you access to top-notch ministry training so you know everyone is ready to roll.

With Good to Go, you get a complete library of professional training messages delivered in concise training videos. All the Good to Go videos focus on topics that help volunteers create an environment where spiritual growth can happen. Plus because it’s all online, Good to Go has endless possibilities for helping you make training happen.

With Good to Go you get…

  • Practical, engaging, and convenient training for even the busiest volunteers.
  • Confidence your volunteers are equipped and ready to roll week after week.
  • More time for leading! Good to Go is easy to manage and makes assigning videos a snap.
  • Training that goes beyond the basics and is developed by experts.

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Just $21.99 per month gives you unlimited access for an unlimited number of volunteers. Use Good to Go videos to enhance your training sessions, send them to volunteers who miss face-to-face training, customize training to each volunteer’s needs, train on topics you don’t have time for in your training meetings, and more!

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