Good To Go

Online Video Training

good to go video training

Get help to make your volunteer training the best it can be.

Good to Go gives you access to top-notch ministry training so you know everyone is ready to roll.

With Good to Go, you get a complete library of professional training messages delivered in concise training videos. All the Good to Go videos focus on topics that help volunteers create an environment where spiritual growth can happen. Plus because it’s all online, Good to Go has endless possibilities for helping you make training happen.

With Good to Go you get…

  • Practical, engaging, and convenient training for even the busiest volunteers.
  • Confidence your volunteers are equipped and ready to roll week after week.
  • More time for leading! Good to Go is easy to manage and makes assigning videos a snap.
  • Training that goes beyond the basics and is developed by experts.

Try Good to Go TODAY!

Just $21.99 per month gives you unlimited access for an unlimited number of volunteers. Use Good to Go videos to enhance your training sessions, send them to volunteers who miss face-to-face training, customize training to each volunteer’s needs, train on topics you don’t have time for in your training meetings, and more!

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